Home Energy Saving

Using a home monitoring device, such as the Envi Home Energy Saving Monitor, you are able to see how small changes effect your energy usage. There are users out there who are interested in saving as much energy as humanly possible, for these users it is still possible that the Envi could help you find things you weren’t able to find before. For example, what is going on in your home while you sleep? Or, are appliances working inefficiently? These are all things you will not know from receiving your bill at the end of the month but are things that you can see using home energy monitoring.

What about for the rest of us? Let’s face it, the average consumer is not going to be interested in all the possible savings out there because they are not convenient. The whole reason we bought the 52 inch TV is to watch it, right? For those users the Envi is exceptionally helpful. It will help you decide which energy saving methods work best for you. Using the Envi you can find things that fit into your routine and still can save a considerable amount of energy and money.

What this all boils down to is a saying that is going around a lot right now, I tried to pin point who said it first but haven’t been able to find it. The saying is, “If we cannot measure it, we cannot control it.” This is very true of our home energy usage and even the energy usage at work. According to Energy Secretary Chu, energy efficiency is such a low hanging fruit that it is almost as though 20 dollar bills are just lying around. He said we need the will, and the way, to pick them up.


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