Maintain your Home Weatherization

The talk going around right now, mostly spurred by the Department of Energy, is weatherization. The DOE has quoted such people as Vice President Biden stating that 200,000 homes have been weatherized under the recovery act. The DOE  is also talking about how Maine is leading the way with weatherization. Weatherization is a great step to lowering your energy costs, but, the problem then becomes the assessment.

As the weather gets ready to drop and you start thinking about weatherization you are left with two options, you can pay someone to come and do a one time home energy audit, or you can do it yourself and risk missing something. In this tough economic time can you really risk hiring someone?

There are alternatives to hiring a professional to do your home energy audit, there is a wealth of information available on Do it yourself home energy audits. The DOE is stressing weatherization as an important way to save energy, and we agree, if you want to go with a professional they will conduct a complete Home Weatherization Assessment to find out how you can improve your home. this process will pin-point where you need improvement. Whichever method you use to weatherize your house the important thing becomes maintaining your weatherization improvements. The question then becomes, how do I know if my weatherization was A) successful or B) maintainable.

Your electric bill will let you know if the changes were successful, you energy bill over the next couple of months will tell you if they are maintainable. But, the downside of waiting for your energy bill is that by the time you receive the bill it is already to late and the bill is due. This is where the Envi home energy monitor becomes a very useful tool.

Using the Envi you can view your current energy usage, right after your weatherization project is finished you will see a reduction in your usage. If you do not see a reduction then your project was not successful and you may need to reevaluate, if you had it professionally done this is where you may want to ask for your money back, or why it did not work. It is through this monitoring that you are able to maintain your weatherization. If you noticed your usage starting to increase you may want to consider pin-pointing the reasons why, and real-time home energy monitoring can help you do this.


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