Real-time Water Monitoring

So much time and effort is spent monitoring energy that water sometimes sits in the shadows unnoticed. Water, unlike other utilities, results in a double charge. Firstly you get charged for the water consumption, then you get charged again for sewage, so for each gallon you use you get charged twice! We have all heard about water saving tips, low flow shower heads, shorter showers, low gallon toilets and other options. What if you are a large company? Better yet, what if you are a large company that is using a lot of water either for manufacturing, beverages, or for cooking.Your costs can become quite substantial in the water area.

Real-time water monitoring can do several things for you, it can show you exactly how much water you are using at any given time. It can also allow you to monitor where you may be seeing waste, where there may be a leak in the pipes, or where water is not being used efficiently. Once you are able to see areas where you need improvement you can quickly make the changes necessary. Real-time monitoring can also avoid double charges. Here’s an example:

A country club decided it was time to start taking a closer look at their water consumption. They decided to install the Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) system which allows you to monitor water, energy, gas, and pretty much anything else in real-time. Using the CEMO system they were able to notice that the swimming pool was consuming a lot of water. Using the information they gained from the CEMO system they decided to take a closer look and discovered that the pool had leaked several 10’s of thousands of gallons of water through small unnoticeable cracks!

Using CEMO they were not only able to find out that the pool was the reason why the water bills were so high, they were also able to use the information from the CEMO system to prove that the water from the pool had leaked out and had not entered the sewage system, because of this they were also able to avoid the sewage bill! The combined total from the avoided sewage bill and from stopping the gallons of leaking water equaled thousands of saved dollars! The CEMO system quickly paid for itself just from this one instance.


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