Free Air Conditioning

I know it sounds too good to be true, and in a way it is, simply opening your windows at night can save you a lot on your energy bills. I am not suggested you open your windows every night, just on some. Check your weather, in some locations the temperature doesn’t drop very much at night, if you are in these location it may actually do you more harm to open your windows at night. On some nights the temperature may get down to 60 degrees, the trick to maintaining this free air conditioning is to quickly close all your windows in the morning, trapping the cold air inside. I have seen some people maintain a 74 degree, or less, home until 3 pm, without using air conditioning, simply by implementing this idea.

There are even strategies involved in opening your windows. Hot air rises, so simply opening your upstairs windows may not be enough. The trick is to create a draft, opening your basement windows will cause the cold air to push the hot air out. Opening just the basement windows and the second floor windows will turn your house into a heat exchange. Hot air going out the upstairs windows and cold air coming in the basement. In order to maintain the free cold air install awnings or some other shading device over your windows, so that you can still get filtered light, but don’t get direct sun light heating up your home.

How does the Envi tie into this idea? Weather men are notoriously wrong. If you notice your AC turning on at midnight, then again at 12:30, and then 1:30, you may want to reconsider opening your windows. It may actually be making it warmer inside for the few hours causing your AC to turn on. Monitoring and managing go hand in hand, and in order to manage any idea you need information. Compare the results and find a method that fits you best, AC off with Windows opened, Windows opened and AC on just in case, or just AC. Use the Envi to find the method that saves you the most money and energy.


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