Home Solar Monitoring

As energy costs begin to rise and the cost of renewable sources begins to decrease it is becoming more common to see solar panels on homes. When I think of residential renewable energy sources my mind instantly drifts to the Simpson’s. In one such episode Homer decides to install a wind turbine in their back yard. Since the wind does not always blow the wind turbine did not always generate. Since of course this was the Simpson’s; Homer decides that when there is no wind they will simply put their lives on hold and live in the dark. Eventually he comes up with a plan to use his neighbors electricity to power multiple fans to move the wind turbine.

This raises the question, what to do when your renewable source isn’t functioning? Or better yet, how do you know how much your renewable source is contributing. When your source isn’t functioning there isn’t much left to do but to operate off the grids electricity. In select areas you can actually choose to purchase electricity that is generated either by 20% or 100% renewable sources. If this is not an option then your best bet is to use as little as possible, but how can you be sure when you are using mostly renewable from your source or mostly grid?

The answer comes in the form of home energy monitoring. The Envi is designed to accept up to 10 signals. In order to get the full picture you would first want to monitor the electricity coming from the grid. A simple connection at your electrical panel accomplishes this and in a manner of minutes you are set up. The second thing to do is attach another set of clamps with wireless transmitter to the cables coming from your inverter. Now you are able to measure, on one device, the amount of energy created by your renewable source and the amount you are taking from the grid. At Forward Energy Solutions we believe that knowledge is power, and knowing your usage can result in substantial savings.


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