Fundraisers that keep on giving

Many non-profit organizations are faced with the challenge of the fundraiser. We see it all the time as new seasons begin. A co-worker bringing in a sign up sheet, children going around selling candy bars or even make your own pizza kits. The traditional fundraiser requires you to sell something and from that sell you gain the funds needed. What if there was a fundraiser that allowed you to sell something once and continue to make a profit month after month? In 7 of the electric deregulation states this has become a possibility.

Viridian energy offers special deals to non-profit organizations, it allows you to have a fundraiser that keeps giving returns each month. The idea is fairly simple, rather than selling someone a candy bar you simply have them sign up. Sign up is free, there are no fees attached, it is simple to do, there is no cancellation fee, it is hassle free and it will save the person who signs up money. Sound too good to be true? This is how the system works; generally for every candy bar sold you will receive one dollar, with the Viridian system you sign up a customer, they pay nothing, and in exchange get a cheaper electrical supply rate, and for you in return you get $2 each month!

It is a great system for non-profit organizations to fund their much needed improvements. Examples would be a church that needs to fund it’s new building project, or a youth sports league that needs to buy new equipment, or even a school play that needs a new set constructed. The fall season is here and with it comes all of the kids going back to school and starting up their after school activities, all of which mostly come with a fundraiser of some sort, why not make it a fundraiser that keeps giving back?


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