Water, water everywhere

In the race to find and implement cheap renewable energy sources, and to get them established as a viable alternative, an often forgotten factor is water. Depending on your industry water can make up a large cost for your operation, not only that, but water plays a big role in our ecosystem, hence why we are the blue planet and not the green planet. There are so many references to saving water everywhere that it has become common place, for example take 10 minute or less showers, stop dripping faucets, use low flow shower heads, and other options. There are various programs out there that focus on collecting and using rain water or recycling waste water. The big question becomes, how much could I save by managing my water usage?

Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) offers not only real-time energy monitoring but also real-time water monitoring. The benefits of this system are immense! Most water is wasted in the form of leaks, a single dripping faucet alone can waste gallons of water, imagine an entire dripping system. The trick to managing your water is to be able to see when you are using it. If everything is supposed to be off and you are still using water then you have a leak. It is that simple.

Finding water leaks can be extremely beneficial! Water has the ability to destroy and decay most structures. Leaking water may start as just a small problem but as more water leaks you may end up with a decaying infrastructure, mold, mildew, or a floor may even give out completely. The incentives to finding leaks are huge, not only will you save money now but you could be saving huge amounts of money later on in repairs. Start monitoring your water usage today with CEMO!


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