Effective Efficiency

Peter Drucker, whom Bloomberg Businessweek calls the man who invented management, once said that, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Everywhere you go, including this blog; you can find great tips about energy efficiency. They range from small things such as unplugging unused devices to larger items such as weatherization or purchasing new appliances. The instructions are clear on how to do things right in order to be more efficient. The trick becomes how to be effective.

I like to say that each building is unique; there is not a cookie cutter approach to effective building management. What is a huge problem in one building may be completely fine in another. In much the same way as a doctor must first examine his patients so a building must also first be examined. In one building the HVAC system may be the biggest issue, in the other building it may be weatherization issues, there is just no way to tell until you have examined the building. The right treatment for one building may be a complete waste of time and money on another building because that unit may be working fine. Since effectiveness is doing the right things, how do you know what things need to be done in order to be effective?

The answer is quite simply to look. Using Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) you can catch a glimpse of how your building functions by looking at its energy usage, quite simply put, you can make the invisible – visible. You can see which units are running inefficiently so that you can effectively improve them. The CEMO system allows you to effectively select which items need improvement; once you know what you need to improve it becomes a matter of efficiently fixing the item. Combining existing efficiency guidelines with the effectiveness of the CEMO system will result in substantial energy and money savings. Effective efficiency is doing the right thing right.


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