What is Deregulation?

The idea of deregulation may be completely new to a lot of people, and this is completely understandable. For the longest time consumers didn’t have a choice about who supplied their electricity, when you moved to a new area you took what was offered. Deregulation began in the late 90’s and ever since then it has opened up a lot of opportunities throughout the market, but what is deregulation, and how does it affect the average user?

Simply put deregulation allows consumers to choose who they buy their electricity from. It is very similar to cell phone providers; you have the option of which cell phone provider to go with, you can choose Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or another package. Just like with cell phone providers you have to weigh the benefits of each provider. It is this same concept that makes deregulation beneficial to consumers. Competition within the market gives providers motivation to have competitive rates while providing the best product.

Deregulation splits the electricity supply line into two parts. Your utility company will still deliver the power; deregulation allows you to decide who supplies it. The two separate parts makes things even simpler because you will still get the same electric bill from the same company; all that will change will be the rates. Now you have the power to choose the provider of your electricity in order to get exactly what you want; good service and a low rate.

In terms of reliable and unique services at lower prices nothing can compare to Viridian energy. Viridian has already met the 2020 federal environmental requirement that their energy be from 20% renewable sources. Viridian allows you to decide if you would like 20% wind energy or 100% wind energy. In most cases the rates you get for both options will actually be less than your current default electric supplier! In addition to this, your local utility does not make a profit from the supplier of the electricity, so they will not mind if you switch. Signing up for Viridian is extremely simple and all you need is a current utility bill! There are no contracts or cancellation fees and no hassle. Why wouldn’t you make the choice that saves you money and helps the environment? Sign up with Viridian today and start saving money and helping the environment.


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