Hidden Energy Using Devices

Small things can make a huge difference; this includes your energy consumption. Many of us have heard about energy vampires, the devices that still draw energy when not in use, but a lot of us figure one charger left plugged in isn’t going to kill me, and it is such a pain to unplug it. Energy vampires go beyond just a single charger, according to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) there are over 30 always on devices in your home right now.

The best suggestion for these devices, plug them all into power strips that you can easily turn off in a matter of seconds, or that are smart enough to tell when the device is not in use. If they are plugged into the wall behind the dresser you are not going to want to crawl back there and unplug it when it is not in use and then plug it back in when you want to use it. It’s just not going to happen. The best way to save energy, and money, is to make it work with your lifestyle.

The next thing to do is get real-time energy monitoring. Real-time energy monitoring allows you to see when you are using energy and how much. If you believe everything is off but you are still using more energy than you should; then you have a hog or a vampire somewhere in your system that you need to flush out. If you are monitoring your energy and you aren’t sure where to look consider these sneaky energy hogging culprits.

First on the list is the digital photo frame, everything is going digital and photo frames are no exception. If each American in the country owned one of these, running is around the clock, it would take 5 power plants just to power the frames alone according to EPRI. Your entire entertainment center is bleeding you dry, especially if you have a cable box, DVR and a gaming system, combine that with a large plasma TV and surround sound and you have several of the largest energy vampires in one location. All of these systems can easily be combined into one easy to turn off power strip. Other devices include coffee makers, printers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, the always evil incandescent light bulb, and, believe it or not, aquariums.

Monitoring your real-time energy consumption allows you to find and stop unexpected energy using devices. Cutting these vampires may help your energy bill a lot and can be extremely easy to do if you combine everything into a few power strips. All you need to do is flip a switch and watch the savings start coming in. Depending on how many vampires you have you may see savings of 4-8%. For the average home that could be up to $200 in savings annually. Start monitoring today and find your energy vampires.


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