How to Use Less Energy

Energy efficiency is defined as using less energy while achieving the same level of energy service. That means that you continue to do the same tasks but in the process, through improvements, you use less energy. Things that could be categorized under energy efficiency include installing more efficient lighting or insulation. You achieve the same results but use less energy in the process. Through energy efficiency you can still maintain the same lifestyle but will save energy and money in the process. The downside is that energy efficiency projects generally cost money, since you will need to purchase the more efficient insulation or lighting and if not done properly will be ineffective.

Energy conservation is described as reducing your energy consumption. While it is true that energy efficiency can be described under this heading there are also other items that belong here. Energy Conservation would include adjusting the thermostat a few degrees to save energy or turning off devices that you would otherwise be using or would have been plugged in. These extra items involve a task that is out of your routine, something extra that you have to make an effort to maintain. Energy conservation is generally categorized under sacrificing a little comfort for less energy usage. While energy efficiency improvements can be conducted once and will generally maintain lower usage; energy conservation is something that has to be maintained.

Unfortunately things do not last forever, and weatherization efforts that result in energy efficiency can deteriorate. Along these same lines people do not always maintain and keep up their energy conservation efforts. How do you find a method that works best for you? The answer is through real-time information.

The old saying goes that knowledge is power and with real-time energy monitoring you can get the knowledge you need to see how your energy efficiency efforts are doing. If the caulk around the windows is starting to deteriorate you will see an increase in energy usage and may need to re-caulk. Another item monitoring will point out is which energy conservation efforts are the most beneficial so that you can optimize your savings to a few tasks that you will easily be able to maintain. Looking at the monitor will show you exactly how much you are using; this allows you to know exactly when you need to take action and when you can relax. Real-time energy monitoring is the perfect tool to maintain your energy efficiency and your energy conservation efforts.


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