Renewable Portfolio Standards

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) are beginning to emerge all across the energy market. An RPS is a statewide benchmark for renewable energy production. The state of California recently voted to implement an executive order requiring 33% of their electricity supply comes from green or renewable sources. Others states offer similar RPS systems, the federal goal is 20% by 2020. Since the current system does not widely meet these standards a deadline has been put in place which the electric providers must meet.

What does this mean for the average consumer? Depending on where you are located it can mean an increase in your rates. In some systems the electric supply companies have passed the extra expense of acquiring renewable energy sources off to their customers. Why is the RPS system a good thing? In the long run renewable energy is cheaper; you do not have to purchase coal to burn. In addition to it being cheaper it also produces less pollution and offers many other benefits both environmentally and economically. It is a combination of these factors that make green or renewable energy so promising.

If you do not feel like you should have to pay for the electric supplier to meet the RPS then you are not alone. There are many companies out there that believe that offering renewable energy at an affordable price will increase the likelihood that green energy will be supported. If you live on the east coast and have access to Viridian then you are in luck. Viridian has already met the RPS by offering 20% green certified energy, in addition to the 20% plan they also offer 100% green energy, both of which are cheaper than the standard rate the utility provides.

While most companies will charge you extra to install their renewable energy systems Viridian already has theirs in place. Why pay extra for something to be built when you can pay less to get it now? All you need to apply is your monthly utility bill; there are no fees and no contracts. Get ahead of the RPS system; don’t pay extra sign up for Viridian.


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