Real-time Comprehensive Energy Audit

The standard commercial building energy audit is an analysis of the building’s energy using equipment; they will also sometimes look at water consumption as well. The auditing process can take a long time and provides a small snap shot in time of your buildings performance and improvements that need to be made. The process will generally follow certain steps; the auditor will meet with the facility managers, inspect the lights, HVAC system, controls, air compressors and any other energy consuming equipment. After the inspection the auditor will compile a complex list of energy conservation efforts that will result in savings. After meeting with the auditor the facility managers now have a long list of improvements that need to be made which results in one large expense. This system can result in significant savings, but, as soon as the auditor leaves the building begins to change. One piece of equipment that was running fine one moment may start to deteriorate.

How often should you conduct an energy audit for it to be effective? Yearly? Seasonally? The answer is that there is really no way to tell. In order to truly conduct a comprehensive energy audit you would need to receive information in real-time. Real-time data is the only way to view the way your building changes so that you can make the energy conservation efforts before they hit your bills. Once a year or even seasonally may not be enough. With real-time information you can make one change at a time, as you notice it, rather than all at once after an audit which can bust the budget.

The advanced Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) system provides you with a comprehensive energy audit every minute of the day, allowing you to monitor, analyze, and save money across a broad spectrum of data points including building automation systems, renewable energy investments, mechanical equipment, and key electrical components including individual circuits.  Every data point is collected and stored in an easy to access constantly updating database, generating the information required for detailed financial analysis, while also providing you with the reports necessary to show compliance with internal goals and targets, sustainability indices, carbon footprint reduction, government compliance, and much more.

Why settle for a single snap shot of your building and one long checklist of expenses when you can make the inner workings of your facility visible and address each concern one at a time in a manageable method. Installing a CEMO system will provide the information you need to find your energy conservation measures in real-time.


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