Enhanced Building Management

Large buildings with multiple user modified controls have the undeniable ability to be extremely inefficient. If the building is large enough considerable amounts of it may be uninhabited for substantial periods of time. For example, a building renting office space to clients, the client may leave in the summer and may not be replaced until the middle of winter. If you are not careful the user controlled thermostats may still be set on air conditioning mode. In the winter months you may see frigid conditions in one area of your building that can result in broken pipes or another areas HVAC system picking up the slack and working at 50% efficiency and possibly breaking down because of the extra burden.

There are several different options, you can go around and make sure thermostats are all correctly set. If it is a smaller building this is plausible, if it a large building this may be extremely impractical. Another downside is that the controls are handled on an individual level; you may have a user that doesn’t understand how to properly operate the system and may turn the air conditioner on in the middle of February. There are so many possibilities involved with maintaining the comfort level in a building. In addition to the immense size of the building another factor to cope with is the chance that it may get forgotten. A tenant leaves and you go through all the work of cleaning out the space and doing the paper work and getting things ready, is checking the thermostat always going to be the top priority?

Advanced Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) allows users to see their individual building components. The modern building is a rich source of multiple data points. The CEMO system can dial in on individual HVAC systems, lighting, or any other measurable data point you can think of. It can give you the ability to open a web browser and within a few clicks you will know whether lights, heating, cooling or any other item has been left on unnecessarily. It is through this continuous use of the system that you can cut back on unneeded usage. If a section of the building is empty then why are the lights and air conditioner running? By using real-time information you can make the decisions necessary to save your time and money.

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