How to Avoid a Greenwashing Scandal

New sustainability indexes, green initiatives, and environmental guidelines are popping up everywhere. Some companies, such as Wal-Mart, require that all of their suppliers meet their sustainability index guidelines. Higher standards are beginning to be placed on what is labeled as green or environmentally friendly. Companies that previously presented themselves as being “green” are now being accused of greenwashing. Greenwashing is a term that is still so new that it hasn’t been added to the dictionary, it is similar to the concept of whitewashing. It is described as a company that uses public relations to convince people that they are green or are undertaking green initiatives but in reality they are not doing very much or nothing at all.

As many companies decide it is time to make a difference, or they simply want to undertake a new marketing campaign, they are met with many decisions on what to do to be “green”. Regardless of the path they take there is always going to be the burden of proof. How do you plan to prove that you are meeting the sustainability index, green initiative, or environmental guideline? There are several options involved in this decision that range in price from very affordable to extremely expensive. The best product should be one that gives you the information needed to avoid greenwashing claims while also providing you with useful information for maintaining your initiatives.

Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) allows you to view your real-time energy usage and track your real-time carbon footprint. The comprehensive dashboards allow you to maintain your energy efficiency, energy conservation, carbon reductions or other environmental or green initiatives. In addition to being able to view real-time results the CEMO system keeps a constantly updated secure database of all of your information. If a greenwashing claim were to ever surface the information provided by the CEMO system would become invaluable at proving your commitment.

As all of the guidelines, indexes, reporting standards and requirements are constantly being updated and changed the question becomes, can you survive without a record? Can you afford the publicity nightmare of a greenwashing scandal? If the answer is, no, then get the security of your information. Revenue grade measurement and verification of your energy reduction and carbon reduction gives you the peace of mind to know you are safe from a greenwashing claims.


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