Change the World

The latest campaign by Energy Star boasts the title, “Change the world, start with Energy Star.” This weekend for national energy awareness month the regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will tour an Energy Star Exhibit that will demonstrate how to make energy efficient changes to allow users to lower their usage and save money. The exhibit features an interactive house with various displays that will teach energy efficiency. Can Energy Star really help change the world?

Energy Star was created jointly by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. The Energy Star website is riddled with tons of great energy efficiency guidelines, interactive tools, tax credits, home improvement tips, products and much more. All of these items are aimed at lowering your energy usage so that you can not only save yourself money but save energy and in turn the environment.

Amongst the various resources on the Energy Star website are various Flash based interactive tools. These tools allow you to view the big picture of a home or facility. By click on various items you can view energy efficiency tips for how to maintain the equipment or how to conduct weatherization and improve performance. These interactive tools are great for improving awareness, but what if a similar tool existed for your actual facility, not just a Flash based mock-up.

Advanced Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) gives you the real-time information needed to allow you to see your facility in the same way that you can see the facility in the Energy Star tool. It allows you to see if your boilers, steam traps, motors, and even compressed air pipes are working efficiently. The interactive tools provide you with the knowledge of what to look for and what could go wrong. CEMO allows you to actually dial in and view actual performance in real-time. Changing the world may start with Energy Star but it soon progresses to CEMO.


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