Controlling the World’s Largest Wind Farm

Clean energy presents itself in many different renewable forms ranging from geothermal to wind. The Department of Energy, spearheaded by Secretary Chu, is pushing the importance of clean and sustainable energy. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has focused an abundance of funds into Energy Efficiency, Weatherization, and Clean Energy investments. The Act funds the Financial Institution Partnership Program (FIPP) which recently conditionally committed to provide a partial guarantee of a 1.3 billion dollar loan to help build the world’s largest wind farm off the coast of Oregon.

The clean energy generated by this substantial deal would solely be available to a single electric company, Southern California Edison, at a fixed price over the next 20 years. SCE has now been faced with the grand task of monitoring and managing this extensive deal. Without a system that will deliver real-time information in an easy to read format the utility company will be left in the dark. This investment, on behalf of the Department of Energy, hopes to make wind a more viable energy source in today’s market, however, what is being done to monitor and control these unpredictable energy sources?

A system currently being used to monitor and manage erratic renewable energy sources is the Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) system. The CEMO system shows real-time production information. The comprehensive dashboards will even display cloud cover and sun position throughout the day. A quick glance at the dashboard will show you exactly how much you are producing in real-time. Clean alternative energy sources have the ability to change at a moment’s notice; don’t be left in the dark.


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