No Contract Green

There will always be various trends that appear in the market on a daily basis. With the poor economic times one of the trends starting to show up is free trials or 90 day “hand shake” offers. In multiple cases these “hand shake” offers lead into a contract or require a deposit. Another trend starting to rear its head is the complete abolishing of contracts. From cable companies to cell phone providers numerous companies are realizing that job status and economic wealth is fluctuating and no one wants to be tied down by a contract anymore.

Another trend appearing recently is going Green or focusing on the environment. Green can mean several different things and has been used very loosely by some people. The common trend in going green is not without a good purpose. The government has begun to crack down on pollution and carbon. One of the biggest guidelines for the Green trend is the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) guidelines set by states and federal governments alike requiring that all electricity produced come from at least 20%-33% renewable alternative sources. Anyone can claim to be “green” or offer “no contracts” the trick is the small print. As deregulation hits the electric market how can you be sure an electric supplier is meeting green standards and offers easy contract free sign up?

One company in particular, Viridian Energy, meets both trends by offering 20%-100% Green energy from Wind Farms. Not only does this energy meet green certification it also comes at a rate that is cheaper than the standard utility provider. Viridian meets other trends by allowing users to sign up without needing a contract. There are no sign up fees or contracts and in most cases it can be completed easily over the phone or online, all that you need is your last utility bill. Offering cheaper rates, no contracts, and green energy there isn’t much to lose by switching to Viridian.


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