Energy Management Software

The concept of Energy Management Software (EMS) is not a completely new idea. Various software programs have been around for quite some time. Upon examining the various equipment and software you may be left with the question of why do I want this or what makes this better? Congruent with every type of software there will always be revisions and improvements; word processing is a key example. Very simple early word processors lacked the essentials we take for granted today. The most basic systems, similar to notepad on Windows, lacked spell check, font changes, bold lettering or even font size changes. As technology advanced more features were added. The modern word processor has the ability to detect spelling errors, grammar mistakes and even errors in spacing. Energy Management Software is very similar to word processing except instead of checking a document for errors you are checking a facility.

In order to decide which system to go with you need to look at the basics making up an EMS system. At the base level EMS should be able to collect energy data in a real-time minute by minute basis, it should report, monitor and engage that data in a comprehensive manner. An adequate EMS system should be able to verify energy data and allow you to set accurate and reasonable baselines and reduction targets. It should allow you to monitor your peaks and trends and help you identify ways to save energy and money. A comprehensive EMS system should also engage not only the facility engineers and operation personnel it should also have the ability to engage those that occupy the building on a daily basis. With the growing trend in cloud computing the ideal energy management system should be one that is accessible from anywhere on an internet browser.

In addition to being able to report, monitor and engage an EMS system should also have the ability to check or look for errors. Consider the word processing example; the most common task completed on a word processor is spell check. It’s such a common task that it is completed automatically and has even been built into some web browsers. Is there an Energy Management Software that examines a user’s facility and checks for errors or ways the user could more efficiency use their energy?

The answer is, yes! The Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) system offers an ISO 9001 Network Operation Center (NOC) that will constantly monitor your facility and send alerts and alarms if there is an issue. Comparable to spell check underlining errors in red the CEMO system will highlight your trouble areas. The CEMO system offers easy to read and manage online dashboards that are accessible from any location over a web-based platform. Users have the ability to engage their employees or building occupants by placing these online dashboards on display at kiosks or even on each computer monitor. The system also monitors your usage and shows peaks and demand in real-time, it allows you to set up reports and baselines based upon your demands, whether they are building code standards or budgets. Why use the most basic software that may be lacking the simplest features when you can take complete control with CEMO?


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