Energy Savings to the Cloud

You may have noticed the term ‘cloud’ or ‘cloud computing’ circulating around popular media. This has become an increasingly popular term and is used quite frequently by Microsoft in their recent advertising campaign. Although it is a widely used term it is not a widely understood concept. What makes cloud computing unique, or how does it work? Is it just a new term that means the internet or online?

In short cloud computing is defined as using a program online that would have otherwise needed to be installed on your computer. In other words, using a web browser instead of installed software. Many companies have already utilized a type of cloud computing when they install software on a server that allows remote access. Even though the software is not installed on the user’s computer they can still access is using an internet connection. The benefits of cloud computing is that it allows you to access information from anywhere with internet access or even on a smart phone. All essential programs and software are kept on a secure server for easy access from any location at anytime. The idea is not new, and in fact, it has been around since the 1980’s. Thanks to the recent upgrades in internet speeds cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. It was not possible before because even just 10 years ago downloading a song took an hour instead of just a few seconds over a dial up connection. It is this increased speed that has made cloud computing possible and viable.

With the modern smart phones being able to access the internet from any location at faster speeds than our old computers used to be able to it is becoming clear that cloud computing will become the new norm. Many of us are already using cloud computing in one form or another. A common example of cloud computing are apps, whether on your phone, Facebook or any other system. Fifteen years ago if you wanted to play a game online that saved your information you had to download and install the game first, now you can play games simply by clicking a link. All of the information is stored on a server for the next time that you sign in and is constantly updated. Even apps such as “Farmville” are considered cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a powerful tool that constantly updates your information on a server 24/7 and allows you to access that information from any location in the world with an internet connection. Why leave cloud computing to chickens and cows on Farmville when you can use it to save your company a considerable amount of money? Continuous Energy Management and Optimization (CEMO) uses cloud computing to constantly update information on a database allowing 24/7 access on a web-based platform. The CEMO system display energy consumption and costs, all in real-time and displays historic information on an everyday web-browser. The CEMO system utilizes cloud computing to allow users the flexibility needed to control and manage their energy costs.


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