Renewable Management and Net-Zero Buildings

Net-grid dashboard showing renewable production and electricity from the grid

There are many different terms circulating right now about the future of energy. Alternative energy, sustainable energy, clean energy and renewable energy are some of the terms that are widely used. Looking at each of these terms it is easy to distinguish there really isn’t very much difference. Alternative energy merely means something that is … Continue reading

Environmental Law and Carbon Accounting

Real-time carbon monitoring

The energy industry and the environment are two things which have been tied together since the beginning of the industrialized world. It comes as no surprise that the Department of Industry (DOI) wishes to discuss environmental law for energy awareness month. Environmental law is a complex system of treaties, statutes, conventions, common law, and regulations. … Continue reading

No Contract Green

There will always be various trends that appear in the market on a daily basis. With the poor economic times one of the trends starting to show up is free trials or 90 day “hand shake” offers. In multiple cases these “hand shake” offers lead into a contract or require a deposit. Another trend starting … Continue reading

Controlling the World’s Largest Wind Farm

Monitoring and manage your renewable energy production

Clean energy presents itself in many different renewable forms ranging from geothermal to wind. The Department of Energy, spearheaded by Secretary Chu, is pushing the importance of clean and sustainable energy. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has focused an abundance of funds into Energy Efficiency, Weatherization, and Clean Energy investments. The Act funds the … Continue reading

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