Environmental Law and Carbon Accounting

Real-time carbon monitoring

The energy industry and the environment are two things which have been tied together since the beginning of the industrialized world. It comes as no surprise that the Department of Industry (DOI) wishes to discuss environmental law for energy awareness month. Environmental law is a complex system of treaties, statutes, conventions, common law, and regulations. … Continue reading

Energy Management Software

A city at night displays how much electricity is being used

The concept of Energy Management Software (EMS) is not a completely new idea. Various software programs have been around for quite some time. Upon examining the various equipment and software you may be left with the question of why do I want this or what makes this better? Congruent with every type of software there … Continue reading

Smart Energy Use

Real-time dashboard displaying energy usage

Energy monitoring is a tool that can be used to reduce energy consumption, but how does it work? Simply knowing your energy usage will not decrease consumption. In some cases when individuals see their energy use in real-time they are more likely to use less, but, what if your operation is mostly mechanical and automated? … Continue reading

Understanding Energy Monitoring

Real-time dashboard displaying energy usage

One of the most extensive concerns about energy monitoring is its long term applications. Concerned individuals will say that they wish they could rent an energy monitor, find their changes and return it. Others will use their monitoring system, see some savings, and then stop monitoring their usage altogether. In order to justify this ideal … Continue reading

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