Should I Repair or Replace?

Energy monitoring is a great tool for detecting inefficiencies in your home. One of the biggest ways that it aids users is by allowing them to discover their usage habits. Small changes in your usage can result in significant savings. Monitoring also allows you to find energy vampires that are constantly left on or plugged … Continue reading

Understanding Energy Monitoring

Real-time dashboard displaying energy usage

One of the most extensive concerns about energy monitoring is its long term applications. Concerned individuals will say that they wish they could rent an energy monitor, find their changes and return it. Others will use their monitoring system, see some savings, and then stop monitoring their usage altogether. In order to justify this ideal … Continue reading

Real-time Comprehensive Energy Audit

Advanced CEMO lets you view and monitor multiple data points throughout your building

The standard commercial building energy audit is an analysis of the building’s energy using equipment; they will also sometimes look at water consumption as well. The auditing process can take a long time and provides a small snap shot in time of your buildings performance and improvements that need to be made. The process will … Continue reading

Deferred Maintenance

New York City at night displays just how much electricity a city uses

In tough economic times there just is not enough funds available to pay for every expense, in order to make ends meet some expenses get cut from the budget. In a lot of situations routine maintenance is one of those items. According to the FASAB deferred maintenance is when you do not perform maintenance when … Continue reading

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