Employee Motivation and Energy Reduction

Real-time dashboard displaying energy usage

Every manager is faced with the daunting task of making sure employees stay motivated. Many factors come into play since no two people are exactly alike. What motivates one person may mean absolutely nothing to another. Motivated employees are the most productive. With all the various factors of money, time, vacations and other perks there … Continue reading

Energy Awareness Affects Utility Bill Charges

The standard home electric bill can be very illusive and hard to understand. It doesn’t provide the user with very much information besides what to pay. Some utility companies will average data out for users, trying to give them an idea of their usage. Some will show comparisons from month to month, average monthly temperatures … Continue reading

Change the World

Monitoring and manage your renewable energy production

The latest campaign by Energy Star boasts the title, “Change the world, start with Energy Star.” This weekend for national energy awareness month the regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will tour an Energy Star Exhibit that will demonstrate how to make energy efficient changes to allow users to lower their usage and … Continue reading

Enhanced Building Management

Advanced CEMO lets you view and monitor multiple data points throughout your building

Large buildings with multiple user modified controls have the undeniable ability to be extremely inefficient. If the building is large enough considerable amounts of it may be uninhabited for substantial periods of time. For example, a building renting office space to clients, the client may leave in the summer and may not be replaced until the … Continue reading

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