Taking the Home Energy Scoring Tool a Step Further

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) puts a great deal of focus and concern into the area of weatherization. An abundant amount of recovery act funding went towards weatherization and in return the reduction of energy consumption. In an attempt to make the auditing and assessing aspect of weatherization readily available and understood by both … Continue reading

Combining Conservation and Efficiency

Saving energy comes in many shapes and forms. It presents itself in two ways, conservation and efficiency. Conservation is the act of turning off the lights when they aren’t in use or unplugging unused devices. Efficiency comes in many forms, and can include lighting, insulation, appliances and many other options. By itself each of these … Continue reading

Measuring up your Energy Usage

Receiving a high electric bill may come as a complete shock, especially if you are trying to conserve energy. There is nothing more discouraging then trying to conserve energy only to receive a higher bill. Most utility companies will deliver a bill once every 30-45 days, this means that what happens on day one won’t … Continue reading

Change the World

Monitoring and manage your renewable energy production

The latest campaign by Energy Star boasts the title, “Change the world, start with Energy Star.” This weekend for national energy awareness month the regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will tour an Energy Star Exhibit that will demonstrate how to make energy efficient changes to allow users to lower their usage and … Continue reading

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