Higher Prices Arrive Spring 2011

As Deregulation grows closer in the PECO market some things may remain unclear when it comes to judging prices. The first question is how much am I currently paying? PECO offers a “price to compare” which gives customers a price to use for comparison between the current prices and an alternate supplier. In addition to … Continue reading

Stop the Bleeding in your Facility

Advanced CEMO lets you view and monitor multiple data points throughout your building

The modern building is a sophisticated and complex structure. Even though they may look the same on the outside each is completely different on the inside. A facility, just like a person, has many complex interwoven parts. Ducts and HVAC systems make up the respiratory system, insulation is can be compared to muscle or fat … Continue reading

Capped Rates and Deregulation

As Deregulation spreads throughout the market there is one thing that is becoming increasingly prevalent. Many electric providers that previously had capped rates are raising their rates substantially. An example of a recently deregulated supplier in Pennsylvania is PPL. The average residential consumer that did not pick an alternative supplier for their electricity saw a … Continue reading

Deregulation Hits PECO Market

The Pennsylvania electric company PECO will be opening their doors to deregulation starting the beginning of 2011. This opens up a brand new market full of potential. A cap has been placed on PECO’s electric rates for quite some time and upon the removal of this cap they plan to raises their rates significantly. With … Continue reading

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