Managing Your Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Carbon Capture Sequestation

Carbon has become a word that is used most often to denote global warming and pollution. The word carbon has become a vulgar word in modern society, often being portrayed in a negative light. The goal of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been to put a stop to Carbon, and its other gaseous Greenhouse … Continue reading

Higher Prices Arrive Spring 2011

As Deregulation grows closer in the PECO market some things may remain unclear when it comes to judging prices. The first question is how much am I currently paying? PECO offers a “price to compare” which gives customers a price to use for comparison between the current prices and an alternate supplier. In addition to … Continue reading

Capped Rates and Deregulation

As Deregulation spreads throughout the market there is one thing that is becoming increasingly prevalent. Many electric providers that previously had capped rates are raising their rates substantially. An example of a recently deregulated supplier in Pennsylvania is PPL. The average residential consumer that did not pick an alternative supplier for their electricity saw a … Continue reading

Renewable Management and Net-Zero Buildings

Net-grid dashboard showing renewable production and electricity from the grid

There are many different terms circulating right now about the future of energy. Alternative energy, sustainable energy, clean energy and renewable energy are some of the terms that are widely used. Looking at each of these terms it is easy to distinguish there really isn’t very much difference. Alternative energy merely means something that is … Continue reading

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