Simplifying Energy Data Gathering and Reporting

Comprehensive real-time dashboard

For the energy or facility manager the traditional style of data gathering can be a very strenuous process. Many facility managers may have a system in place gathering data in real-time and this is a huge step in the right direction, but what is happening to all the data? All too often the data is … Continue reading

Stop the Bleeding in your Facility

Advanced CEMO lets you view and monitor multiple data points throughout your building

The modern building is a sophisticated and complex structure. Even though they may look the same on the outside each is completely different on the inside. A facility, just like a person, has many complex interwoven parts. Ducts and HVAC systems make up the respiratory system, insulation is can be compared to muscle or fat … Continue reading

Managing Radiant Heating Systems

Advanced CEMO lets you view and monitor multiple data points throughout your building

As winter begins to roll around our thoughts begin to drift towards snow and ice. Many consumers, especially in the northern states, have found a solution for snow and ice in the form of radiant heating. Placing either electric heat coils or hot water filled hydronic pipes under a walkway, sidewalk or driveway ensures ice … Continue reading

Change the World

Monitoring and manage your renewable energy production

The latest campaign by Energy Star boasts the title, “Change the world, start with Energy Star.” This weekend for national energy awareness month the regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will tour an Energy Star Exhibit that will demonstrate how to make energy efficient changes to allow users to lower their usage and … Continue reading

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