The Envi

Wasted Energy is Wasted Money

The Envi is the next generation in energy monitoring. Using real-time information the Envi helps users understand their energy usage and waste. By empowering users with real-time information the Envi increases awareness and influences changes in habits which reduce energy bills and improve Carbon Footprints. The Envi allows you to upload your information to a computer where you can use it with free software tools such as Google PowerMeter.

The biggest way to save is to decrease waste, if you are wasting energy you are wasting money. The easy to read display shows you all of your energy information in real-time, allowing you to make informed decisions. The results can be surprising! Even users that thought they were running efficiently have found areas of savings. By viewing historical data you are able to see what happens during the night, making sure energy is not wasted while you sleep. The average home can save $660 a year!

Track and Monitor your Changes:

The Envi home energy monitor displays your electricity usage in real time. The kit comes complete with a transmitting unit and two current clamps that transmit information about your electricity consumption to the Envi display. The transmitter is powered by a battery with a 7 year life. The display also comes with a power adapter.

The display shows energy usage in kWh and your average daily, weekly, and monthly electricity costs. The display also shows energy used yesterday, last week and over the past 30 days, plus the current temperature and time.

How it Works:

CT clamps detect a magnetic field that is created as currents move through power cables. The greater your energy use, the greater the magnetic signature. The clamps are connected to a transmitter that sends a wireless signal to the display. The display calculates the data and shows you how much energy you are using. It also stores your historical energy usage.

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