How Much Electricity is your EV Consuming

Electric Vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular as the search for alternative energy sources and high gas prices continue to be prevalent. The most anticipated EV release is the Nissan LEAF. If you are considering purchasing the LEAF or another EV you must always weigh the pros and cons. The biggest questions that come to … Continue reading

Should I Repair or Replace?

Energy monitoring is a great tool for detecting inefficiencies in your home. One of the biggest ways that it aids users is by allowing them to discover their usage habits. Small changes in your usage can result in significant savings. Monitoring also allows you to find energy vampires that are constantly left on or plugged … Continue reading

Why should I monitor my energy usage?

The biggest question centered around energy monitoring is whether or not it actually works. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) recently conducted a home electricity use study. This study looked at various factors, one of which was the home energy monitor. They found that using an energy monitor could result in savings of 8-25%. EPRI … Continue reading

Hidden Energy Using Devices

Small things can make a huge difference; this includes your energy consumption. Many of us have heard about energy vampires, the devices that still draw energy when not in use, but a lot of us figure one charger left plugged in isn’t going to kill me, and it is such a pain to unplug it. … Continue reading

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