Managing Your Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Carbon Capture Sequestation

Carbon has become a word that is used most often to denote global warming and pollution. The word carbon has become a vulgar word in modern society, often being portrayed in a negative light. The goal of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been to put a stop to Carbon, and its other gaseous Greenhouse … Continue reading

What Does Green Mean to You?

Real-time dashboard displaying energy usage

The term green can mean something completely different depending on who you ask. Some will describe green as recycling or conservation, some will speak of the environment and others will talk about construction and building materials. Each company seems to carry a different standard in terms of being green. While changing all of your lighting … Continue reading

Environmental Law and Carbon Accounting

Real-time carbon monitoring

The energy industry and the environment are two things which have been tied together since the beginning of the industrialized world. It comes as no surprise that the Department of Industry (DOI) wishes to discuss environmental law for energy awareness month. Environmental law is a complex system of treaties, statutes, conventions, common law, and regulations. … Continue reading

How to Avoid a Greenwashing Scandal

Real-time carbon monitoring

New sustainability indexes, green initiatives, and environmental guidelines are popping up everywhere. Some companies, such as Wal-Mart, require that all of their suppliers meet their sustainability index guidelines. Higher standards are beginning to be placed on what is labeled as green or environmentally friendly. Companies that previously presented themselves as being “green” are now being … Continue reading

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